Discover how Scallions and Ginger tea can help you fight the Common Cold

The fact that Chinese Medicine can treat Cold and flu with may surprise a lot of people.
Both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine agree on the etiology of this disease: there is an external pathogen entering the body with an underlying weakness (for example, weak immune system).
In Chinese Medicine we consider the “common cold” to have 6 different etiologies (cause), known as the “6 Evils”, which explains why two people can have very different symptoms: Example, some people have headaches and a slight fever, and some people have high fever, sore throat etc.

Acupuncture For FLU

It varies according to the pattern and constitution of the patient. Acupuncture will try to “release the exterior” (to expel the pathogen), and strengthen the Qi.
A wind cold type of flu often requires warming with moxa , which may be burned on the acupuncture needle.

Herbal Medicine and Colds & Flu

For example: Gui Zhi and Sheng Jiang are used to treat Wind-Cold. These are usually combined in a formula which will make the patient SWEAT.
Sweating is the method used to release the exterior and expel the pathogen.

Self Treatment for the Common Cold

What you can do at home:

  • Use a lot of SCALLIONS (the bulb and stalk part near the root).

  • Scallions are known to release the exterior and make you “sweat out the pathogen”.

  • Ginger tea: Ginger is considered warming, so we can treat the wind cold type of flu: it also acts in the Stomach and Lungs, treating phlegm and cough.


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