Tung's acupuncture techniques

Mr Tung was born in Shandong Province, China, in 1916, and he is considered
to this day to be one of the best acupuncturists of all time.
Tung's acupuncture techniques were a secret system passed down over
generations , and known exclusively by the Tung family. He was the last
descendant to be trained and thus decided to teach his first disciple in 1962.
The Tung’s family style is considered to be unique and revolutionary and the
sytem is based in holographic imaging , needling in the extremeties,
bloodletting techniques and most interestingly , never needling at the site of
pain and injury. The needling is usually done on the opposite and inverted side
(Example if the problem is on the hand, the foot is needled, and vice versa. Top
is used for bottom, right for left, legs and arms for torso in a system of
mirror/image ).
The point system in Tung’s acupuncture is also unique. Whereas it does use
concepts of classical channel system, Tung’s system has found a way to treat
multiple channels at the same time, and created points that are « in between »

I have been trained in 5 phases acupuncture, channel theory, Zang Fu and Dr
Richard Tan balance Method as well as Master Tung acupuncture. This is by far
the most efficient , faster and makes the most fulfilling and rewarding style for
me to practice in my clinic.


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